Three holistic health tours


Nature Care Hawaii  is now offering three holistic health tours on the Big Island of Hawaii.  “ The healing Island” is  the most powerful place on the planet right now.   It’s beauty and  forces of nature present on  the Island make it an idea place to visit and resolve any mental, emotional and physical issues that is keeping you from experiencing a life of true power, peace and pleasure.

In all three tours we will use guided meditation and basic yoga techniques to connect with the power of nature in order to improve our  health and happiness.    All three tours include entrance fees where needed, lunch, and an opportunity  to receive a Hawaiian style lomi-lomi massage at the completion of the tour.

“The Kilauea  tour”

Kilauea is the largest active volcano on the planet.  It literally is where the earth has opened up to us from its core, sharing with us intense power and heat.  Representing  the divine feminine, goddess Pele in the Hawaiian culture Kilauea is opening up to us as a way to cleanse our energy forgive our past and  renew our lives.  

We will connect with the cleansing  power of Kilauea.  Transforming us as we  walk through the steam vents, hike the rim of the volcano, spending time  for an chakra alignment and aura cleansing  while walking through a huge lava tube.  We will be witness to some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet in volcano national park.


“The Mana kea  tour”

Mana kea  is the tallest mountain in the world.  It literally is the place on the planet that comes closest to connecting heaven to Earth.  Tapping into the raw power of this amazing  force of nature, this tour serves to  increase our personal power as we improve  our reality with more  peace and pleasure.   We will cleanse our chakras, improve our posture and align ourselves to the power of  universal  Love.

This tour centers around the Town of Hilo and includes visits to Rainbow Falls, Akaka Falls and several other sacred power  spots.


“The Mana Loa tour”

Mana Loa is the largest, widest mountain in the world  (100 times the size of Mt Fugi)  this huge force of nature represents our  expansion of a personal self into our relationships.  On this tour we will visit some of natures most cleansing  environments.   We will through  guided meditation connect to our higher self, review and learn how to  improve  our personal relationships  in a  way that will bring more power, peace and pleasure.

This tour  centers around  the town of Pahoa and includes some of the  more popular tour sites in the area including the local farmers market.



Gold)    3 tours and 4 massages  $925 include tip

          pick up from the airport and to the airport ,Certificate, photo message 

          (included is a gift of a personal power Crystal)

Silver)   2 tours, 3 massages and $670 include tip

          Photo message,pick up from the airport and to the airport

Bronze)  1 tours and 2 massage $390 include tip

          pick up from the airport 


With our special tour packages we will be pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel where we will assist you in checking in. Once in your room you will have time to relax, shower and prepare yourself to receive an amazing Nature Care Hawaii massage. Our massages are an excellent way to begin your experience of more power, peace, and pleasure in Hawaii 

After a restful night sleep, we will pick you up in the morning to begin your tour of Paradise.